Thinking Nice Thoughts

The most important thing we are doing right now is thinking nice thoughts. —Jim and Marie Burns

Just thinking nice thoughts sounds so simplistic, doesn’t it!

Surely there is more in life to contemplate than that.

But the power of nice thoughts, the impact just such a simple decision can have on our lives and the lives of everyone around us, is awesome.

Having nice thoughts and only nice thoughts is a significant departure for most of us.

Far more commonly we quietly or vocally judged every man, woman, and child in our presence.

Stopping ourselves from judging, in fact, stopping a judgment in its tracks, will reveal how swamped our thinking has been by the critical, mean-spirited side of us.

Seldom do we cultivate a quiet, peaceful mind. Seemingly out of control, our minds race from one idea, one judgment, and one negative opinion to another one of equal harm to ourselves and the entire human community.

Perhaps we didn’t realize that every thought we harbor has an impact, whether it’s voiced aloud or not.

We can’t lay the blame for this violent, mean world solely on others. We’ve had a part in it, too.

Every time we favor a nasty thought rather than a nice thought, we add to the turmoil around us.

The good news is that we can choose between the two at will.

I will add to the tenor of the world today by my thoughts. I pray that I may choose them carefully.

— Today’s Gift by Hazelden

You are reading from the book: Keepers of the Wisdom by Karen Casey