Whatever The Outcome

I have heard doctors say “No” and seen God say “Oh Yes I Can!”

I have seen miracles happen and I have seen some prayers still go unanswered.

I am not sure why some are healed and recover while others graduate to Glory to their eternal homes in Heaven.

I have worn a path – warred and wailed – been on my face praying for God to do a Miracle and He did; and I have done the exact same and seen others that are suffering in pain still waiting or some even that have passed away.

Do I know why?

Do I have to know why?

No-I don’t.

My trust (confidence in God’s character and ability) and my hope (belief that something will happen) doesn’t depend or waver on God answering my “Why?”

One day He will… but so far He hasn’t.

I can still trust and hope and pray when I haven’t got a clue what the hell is going on ….

When all seems bleak and dark and the doctors scream “No” – I know my God can still say – “Hold Up” “I am not finished yet” …. So, I still have hope.

And if I don’t see or experience the outcomes I hoped and prayed for … I still trust that God knows more than me, His ways are so much higher than mine. And when my heart breaks He too promises to bind up my broken heart and heal my wounds.

On this side or in Heaven – His Will – Will Be Done.

That’s what my pen is pondering today ….

Trust and Hope are pretty powerful forces to have when the world is full of so many crazy “Why’s.”

May you too not lose hope and continue to trust the Lord. Whatever The Outcome….

— XXOO ❤️Michelle Bollom