Best Decision I Ever Made

Many times the closed doors, the end of a relationship, the cul- de- sacs, the path we fear most is Fathers way of inviting us to go higher with Him on paths where few dwell. In frustrating and painful seasons Father can do His greatest work in and through us, only if we allow Him to. 

Looking back it was my painful and challenging seasons that catapulted me into Fathers purposes for me. To the degree that we die to self, walk in total obedience and embrace His will for our lives, Father can trust us with bigger assignments in His kingdom.

Today I look back on my life and I no longer see wasted years, wrong choices and a marriage that had an expiration date. No, all I see is that what the enemy meant for my harm Father turned around for my good!!!

Without a doubt my wilderness was my most fruitful season and my enemies were only tools Father used to train me in different spheres for such a time as this!

When my life came to a screeching halt the best decision I had made was to go whole heartedly after Jesus. While walking through my wilderness season I was thrown into deep waters as Freemasonry, religion, witchcraft and Jezebel was my training ground. Father does not look at our credentials and He does not consult people to determine whether we are worthy to go higher with Him.

He specialises in choosing the “weak” and “foolish” things of this world, and then He takes us on healing journeys and mind blowing adventures with Him that superceed human understanding..only to show how great He is!

It is our choice when pain knocks on our door to embrace the paths less travelled or succumb to fear.

Life is about choices and may Father awaken His sons and daughters to go hard after Him. When we are at the end of ourselves, Fathers steps in and fills the voids in our lives, liberates us and makes us fearless and bold.

Our broken lives and shortcomings makes us good candidates to be transformed and mightily used by God.

May we say “yes” to the invitation to go higher with Father in this trying season and make the path less travelled our place of awakening. He is waiting in deep waters to take us on exciting journeys with Him.

Soon you will run on waves with Father as His love will transform you into the son and daughter He created before the foundations of the earth for such a time as this!!

— Ebigale Wilson




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