Stand Still To Savor Slowly

Many people have anticipated 2022 to be the New Year they had hoped for after the last two crazy years … but moments in many have had sickness, loss, great grief, and tragedy happen.

Some barely noticed the ushering of a New Year because they were dealing with so much that celebrating a New Year was the farthest from their minds.

I experienced neither scenarios personally but have so many friends and family that surely did.

I didn’t even make it to Midnight!
I didn’t set crazy goals and fret or stress out.
I savored every last moment of 2021… and that is what I am doing with 2022.

Here are some notes I gathered on

To have a particular taste or smell
a distinctive quality
to delight in : ENJOY
to have experience of
to perceive by the taste or smell,
to discern
that property of a thing which affects the organs of taste or smell;
The quality which renders a thing valuable;
To like; to delight in; to favor.

in Scripture, denotes that which renders a thing acceptable to God, or His acceptance.

Being aware of the present moments

Enjoying to the fullest

Slow down

Appreciative of

Savoring is how you allow yourself to be fully immersed in an experience.

Savoring is mindfulness in action.

Savoring is NOT craving, Nostalgia or clinging

Savoring is learning to slow down and start noticing things and being open to trying new things. It’s living fully present and mindful.

Deeper Trust!

Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed.

Each moment is too precious to waste.

There is great significance in savoring.

So, for 2022 my word is Savor …
I kept trying to talk God out of it … it didn’t seem like a great word at the moment but it sums up perfectly the current season I am in.

God keeps confirming it too over and over …. He is so awesome like that!

Wherever you find yourself today I pray you make some time to “stand still to savor slowly” … we are never guaranteed tomorrow. —XXOO Michelle Cosby Bollom

Thank you Sarah Bourns Crosby for this amazing poem!

“Look for where the life is
Go where good is growing
Walk away from what is wilting
Stand still to savor slowly.

Watch for light to break in
Hold on to how you’re healing
Breathe in as spring awakens
Find rest in simply being.

— Sarah Bourns Crosby