Our Words Carry Weight

Can you imagine if the things you said to someone or the promises you made were measured in pounds?

What would your weight be for the last week/month? And what if those words were measured against how your actions fell in line with the words and the weight was doubled? Or tripled depending on the severity of the things we utter…ed.

What if you had an accountability partner that you had to report to and that person monitored your daily baggage? Would that change us? Would it make us more aware of how the things we say affect people? Aware of how people depend on us and our stability and our intentions?

Think of the things you hold dear to your heart that have been said to you…the things that catch you off guard, that pop into your head and make your heart pitter patter, the things that made you feel loved and special. The ones that affirmed and conveyed affection. The ones you revert back to in a moment of insecurity or vulnerability.

Now, think of the promises that were made that were unfulfilled, the ones that steal your breath, make your eyes fill with tears and the lump appear in your throat. The ones you wanted so badly to come true. The ones you wanted the other person to regard the same way you did. The ones with future plans attached to them. The ones you can never erase.

Now think about which ones you remember more? Which ones haunt you? The ones where you are affirmed or the ones that left you wondering what part you played in the demise? I think human nature is to try and rationalize why we say things we don’t mean. Why we say things that cancel out the love we’ve uttered in the past. I think our selfishness controls most of us and overrides our words and actions.

But the weight….what if we had to carry that around for everyone to see? Would we be more conscious? Would we consider the ones we’re talking to and consider the weight of our words to them? Whether they uplift or tear down? Whether they will remember with love or tears who we were to them? Would we be more careful with our own hearts and others?

If communication is a key to a relationship then intent with our words is the lock that turns to open the door to light or darkness and the weight we are responsible for is directly proportionate to the absence of either of those.

I’m pretty sure my albatross would be in the double digits….what about yours?

~Elissa Renee Shelton

Reshare from 2015 Archives