Our New Normal

Do not be held captive

by trivial things

Be captivated by Me alone

Seasons are changing

Discern the times

The hour we live in

Come aside

Many will forfeit My invitation

Miss the new I declare 

My instructions 

My still voice 

In the morning hours

Lay aside every worry 

I am taking you places

No eye has seen

Hurry now to be One with me

Hidden things I reveal

Blueprints and strategies

Portals that lead you

to My new

I ready My sons

for the hour at hand

Explosions of My glory

across the earth

As dread champions

are taking their place

Darkness is increasing

So is My glory and power 

Over a set apart people 

Who have paid a costly price

I in You

You in Me

Our new normal….

— Ebigale Wilson



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