Wildfire Love

Imma run around
Like the wildfire
He made me to be,
To stand out…
This world’s gonna catch His love
One way or the other,
This love is bold
It’s contagious…
I’m not stoppin til all hearts
Are beating in sync
With this melody perfection,
Imma be His willing vessel…
No lies no shame
No fear no pain
It’s not ever gonna stop
His flow running thru me…
Imma be fierce like the lioness
He’s called out in me to be,
I’m not following the enemy,
I’m being led by the King!
Imma spread this wildfire love
Wherever I go
Imma be His warrior
And bleed Love ♥️🤗🙏

— Bethany Anne

9 thoughts on “Wildfire Love

  1. So much passion in just one piece. This is an amazing write up, invoking so much passion within the readers as well!!
    Hope to read more such pieces in the future.
    Don’t forget to go through our articles too and drop in your valuable feedback.


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