My Personal Valley

When I walked through my personal “valley of the shadow of death,” the thing that stood out most was the vast amount of enemies popping up from everywhere.

Papa God taught me a few important lessons of the value of our enemies and how He uses them to catapult us into His dreams for us.

At the beginning of my “training” I did not know how to handle my enemies and there were many days that I wanted to turn around to my past because of the attacks. Till the day Holy Spirit said to me, “See every challenge and enemy you face as training.” Those words made my journey easier and every time one of my enemies would pop up, I just asked myself “What does Father want to teach me this time?” Our wilderness season is all about training and transforming us.

Holy Spirit taught me that every enemy represents an “area” in our lives that we have not overcome and matured in yet to occupy.

Father knows the callings on our lives and the enemies we need to conquer in order to rule and reign in whatever spheres we are called to invade and occupy. Whatever enemies we do not conquer in our personal wilderness, we 

will surely meet them again in the future. Father will not release us into His dreams when our enemies still control and rule over us.

This is one of the biggest reasons our “coming aside season is so important”. Here we are trained to handle pressure and attacks specific for the spheres and mountains were are called to occupy.

Holy Spirit trains us when and which spiritual weapons to use at different times in our journeys and also when to go into Fathers rest. In Father there is truly “a peace that surpasses all understanding”.

Whatever I do not deal with and overcome in my life, I leave it for my children and their children to still have to fight.

Looking back I now know that it was specific enemies that set me on a path to be fearless and bold. Specific ones trained me in spiritual warfare. My enemies trained me to overcome whatever life throws at me. Through their attacks, I gained ground in the gates of hell and I did not back down. I knew who was walking beside me, whispering to my heart that I was called for such a time as this. Today the once scared and anxiety ridden daughter is fearless because of God’s grace and love. 

I took a hold of my God given authority and identity to change atmospheres and to invade and conquer mountains left unattended by Christians for years. When we know who we are in Jesus, no one else can convince us otherwise.

Father wants to bring all of us to this place in Him. The place where our hard processes come together and we dont see the pain any longer, but we see His hand alive in our lives. We see the bigger picture and where we fit in. The enemy gained a lot of ground through us not stepping into the different spheres Father called us to. It is time to take back what he has stolen.

All of heaven is backing us!! When David walked through his personal “valley of the shadow of death”  he did not focus on the “valley”. He knew who had his back, while walking through it. He focused on all the good things Father was preparing for him.

Do not allow “valleys” to steal your focus. They’re only there for us to discover our identity, authority and mandate in the Kingdom of God.

— Ebigale Wilson