Recently I asked a few of my friends to do a review on a new book I am writing. The first review came back, and I did not expect the words staring back at me from the computer screen. I was bawling my eyes out reading the touching words about my character as a daughter of Papa God. In that moment I understood the purpose of my wilderness journey, the surrender, obedience and dying to self daily. I remember handing my dream as a prophet back to Father, when He asked me to and taking the painful decision to go on a journey with Him.

Every dark valley, every loss, every betrayal, and the persecution finally made sense. Then Holy Spirit said to me “What if you were not obedient when I called you to the wilderness”? Had I not made the decision to go hard after Jesus, I would have been another “Orpah” returning and clinging to the familiar. When the enemy wanted me to hold on to my past, I took a hold of the hem of Fathers garment like the women with the issue of blood and I did not let go, until I was transformed by His love.

The moment I allowed Father to step into my messy places, my new beginning in Jesus began. About two months ago Father said to me that people will “announce” the remnants bride new season/era in this time. His glory arising over His bride in this hour will be seen and acknowledged by people who know us and people who do not. His glory and the anointing and the weighty sound that His bride will release in this time, cannot be copied by the bride who refused the fiery furnaces of character and heart transformation. The world will know if we visited deep places in Pappa God by our love and unity, the sign of a new era people.

Every challenge, attack and every enemy we face, is part of the cutting away and stripping us of “earth” and our “flesh”. Nothing of ourselves should be visible when we open our mouths. I handed my dreams to Father when I did not want to. A few years later He handed it back to me, with my character intact. Now I do not only operate in my spiritual gifts, but a character that exceeds my gifts.

My pastor used to say that people are waiting for us to step into their lives so that their lives can begin. I believe their lives can only begin, when we have gone through our deep processes of heart and character transformation to mentor them not to chase stages, gifts, offices and fame, but to chase intimacy with Jesus, to be the same person we are at our homes and in public and to release the fragrance of heaven wherever we tread.

One of my favourite verses Revelation 19 verse 7 says “And His bride has made herself ready.” May Father help us to make more effort in making ourselves ready inwardly, then outwardly.

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