New Beginnings

“Every ending is a new beginning.” It took me awhile to understand this quote! Now, I see how God’s been making something beautiful behind the scenes. It’s taken me years to let go of what I thought I wanted for my life. He shows me all the ‘endings’ in my life that needed to happen. He shows me all the beautiful ‘new beginnings’ that have come out of my mess. My heart rejoices in hope for better days in the making of a beautiful tapestry.

My heart is to inspire and encourage others along the way. I see now how all the pieces had to fit together and some of the old pieces didn’t fit anymore. So if you are walking through a season of change. If you are asking God why ___________??? I promise you that the closer we come to the end of ourselves the more we understand God’s plans. I’ve come to the end of myself over and over again. It’s been a long season in the waiting room so-to-speak.

So many things that didn’t make sense until I was willing to give God ‘my surrendered yes.’ It took me a long time to let go of my own plans. So that God could make something far more beautiful than I ever imagined. In the process it’s hard to hold on and find hope in the ruins of broken gems. In the middle of hurt and heartache, grief and regret I longed for God to take away my pain. Yet, I see now that had I not held on in the hardest times. I wouldn’t be where I am today. My life is not perfect but, my faith has become stronger than my fears. I give all the glory to God!!!

I pray that wherever you are right now that you’ll know God’s heart for you. How he wants to give you something far more amazing than anything you’re walking through. It’s in the new beginnings we can look back and see where we once were. I believe in all of this we can see the beauty of inspiration that awakens our soul. In the midst of the letting go I find the joy of the Lord! My heart is free to inspire others along the way and stand together in love and compassion. I pray that we always invite one another into our story. 1 Thess. 5:11 “Therefore encourage one another. Build up one another.”

I choose to be defiantly hopeful because I know the ONE whom my soul loves! His love is the same yesterday, today and forever. Amen.

In His Grace I Stand 💃💜⚔ by Fiona Jackson

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