Another Option

faded glimpses of beauty

skating by a crowd of people

waiting to see the sunset,

but what they don’t know is

she is the sunset


came and went,

but no one notices

cause their focus isn’t up,

it is down;

down on their bad luck,

their inner battles,

bleeding scabs

cause they get impatient

and try to speed up the process

only to draw the pain

out longer;

people go on feelings

all the time

it’s so common,

it’s a cold we all get

cause we’re not taking

care of ourselves,

we’re sniffing a drug

that fades us for a moment,

it breaks apart our red sea

for just a minute,

then once we come back

to the place of pain,

we start over the same mistake;

we don’t learn by being passive,

we learn by making choices

to be better than we were

in our yesterday;

we must make a conscious effort

to please the Father

than to please man

and ourselves

cause when we choose

to take the easy route,

it might just take longer

for Him to lift that tired soul

you got drifting on the wind;

why you baptising yourself

in fire rather than water?

you play with fire,

you’re going to get burned

it’s no game when it comes

to the truth,

tattoo it on your heart,

so it’s permanent,

not on your wrist

cause it’ll get marked up

and distorted by scars

from wars you haven’t yet fought;

stop leaning into man

lean into God to lift you up

from the dirt

from which you were birthed,

let this verse breathe life

into the story

He’s writing for you;

stop talking the talk,

walk it

cause the world is in a daze,

they’re waking and sleeping,

not grasping the life inside

these words He’ll speak

into the ears of your mind

if you allow yourself

to hear the truth;

don’t refuse what you need

cause we all need Him

whether or not we want

to admit it,

it’s the truth;

speak the truth,

but in love

as Jesus spoke it to us

through His blood

pouring out of His side for us,

a crown of thorns for us,

a creek of red on His back,

He parted our waters,

so we can make our way

to Him;

we should be thanking Him

with the way we live our lives,

loving those around us,

by being the hands

and feet of Jesus;

do not be ashamed

of the One who gave you

another option besides death;

be bold and fearless

cause He is coming.

~ Bethany Anne