I Want To…

For a moment I want to remember life through my childlike eyes, with their whimsical youthful lenses of pure active imagination.

I want to marvel unencumbered at a blade of grass, the movement of a bird, the height of a tree, the sound of the wind, how far away the clouds appear, truly appreciating their simple beauty without the adult need to mow, chop, shelter or protect.

I want to look at an empty street sidewalk and see the hopscotch opportunity, the big cardboard box and see the fort, the doll or stuffed animal and feel the mystical bond believing in their transformative magical powers and soul healing potential.

I want to play, to splash in mud puddles and roll in the wet grass and not worry about the mess.
I want to color whatever I want, whenever I want, and not have to be exact or in the lines.

I want to look at others with childlike innocence and truly admire their eyes, hair, and skin color, seeing their unique soul without adult-learned prejudice or judgment.

I want to experience the joyful intimacy of a hug, the openness and acceptance of holding hands.

I want to listen to a bedtime story and have someone else brush my hair.
I want to eat candy that is bad for me or spaghetti till my stomach hurts.

I want to remember what it is like to trust the world before I learned about hatred, violence and pain.

These days, when life gets too stressful or difficult, I love to look into the eyes of a newborn.
It restores my faith, gives me peace, and helps me to remember. ❤💕

——Vickie Mi Amor