A restoration only I know.

Reading to you between the lines.

My boldness will be revealed.

Pursuing you all along.

See my flow.

Hear my words.

Open your mouth.

I will fill it.

Restorying told by you.

Tell my story.

It flows in your veins.

Deep in your bones.

The aching the pain.

A birthing of hope.

Spoken to the masses.

Mighty waves with many crest.

Majestic mountains with numerous peaks.

Within each one of you.

Bread you will eat and be filled.

Water you will drink and be satisfied.

Milk has made your strong bones.

Meat to strengthen your muscles.

Age is not a number.

Maturity is welcomed.

The indwelling of my spirit.

Your hair turns to gray.

Wisdom is your crown.

Wear it well.

And straighten the crown of others.

A time to speak a time to rest.

Balance before you open your mouth.

The waves the mountains stay steady.

Ride and climb with precision.

Fear watching from a distance.

As faith takes over the rough terrains.

By foot you are commissioned.

By air you catch the wind.

You are who I say you are.

Done is done.

I finished it all.

Walk in my spirit and know.

I am coming!

I am coming soon!

—Melissa Oldacre

Art by Christine Ellger