I am Yours, Lord

I needed God more than I even knew years ago when life fell apart all around me. I wouldn’t have made it had I not been rescued by God’s loving arms. He lifted me up out of the miry clay and kept me close. He saw everything that I couldn’t see at the time. God knew that my heart and soul were far from restored. I couldn’t see nor did I want to admit to myself that I was lost and broken. I was desperately in need of his love and healing in every area of my life. God saw all that was yet to come and allured me unto himself for a season of my life.

I’m so thankful that God knew what I needed more than I did. I thought I knew what I needed and wanted but, God knew best. I see now that I wasn’t ready for any of those ‘things’ I thought I was so ready for. I understand now that God needed to hide me under the cleft of his wings. He needed to do a deep cleansing of my soul. He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul.

Yet, sometimes we decide to take our own path. O what an amazing and mighty God we serve! He comes for us in the middle of our mess and draws us back to his heart. He carries us when we have nothing left to give him but our broken promises! He takes every broken promise that others made and tells us it’s okay. He say’s, I have far better things for you and more beautiful than you can imagine. First, we need to work on your healing and restore your heart from all that’s broken and barren. It will take some time and more than you’ve anticipated to walk through this journey.

He asked, ‘are you willing to trust me’ and let me have my way in you? He waits for us to come to the end of ourselves so he can do his best work in us now. I had to lay it all down again! O LORD, how blessed and honored I am to be your daughter in this broken and fragile world of mine. I’m so glad you came to find me when I didn’t know what I needed most. You have restored my soul. You have redeemed my broken and contrite heart. You have made me whole again and set my feet upon a rock that I will have a firm place to stand.

I am yours Lord, I am fully yours! I am so in love with you, Lord! You are the one that my soul loves above all else. I surrender my life completely unto you alone. Have your way in me, O Lord! Come Holy Spirit and speak your truth over me. I want to serve you and follow you with all of my heart. I am completely and undeniably yours, O Lord! Your daughter whom you have called by a new name and given me a new white stone. O how I love your presence! O how I love to worship and praise your name.

You have redeemed my soul and lifted me up into the depths of your love. May I never leave your side nor turn to my own ways. For you have shown me the way to take and there is a peace and comfort that nothing else can replace in my heart of hearts. I’m so blessed beyond measure! You have come for me! I am loved and adorned by your grace. I am your daughter, redeemed from the ruins of broken gems. You have called me to a greater purpose than I ever imagined! I love you, Lord! I am yours forever. Amen.

In His Grace 🤗 by Fiona Jackson

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