The Birthright Of The Chosen

Sons and daughters from 

all nations, tongues and tribes

are finding their way

To this celestial space in You

Unknown to the masses 

Stumbled upon by the desperate ones

From this space earth and heaven 

will meet at any given moment

As the remnant fulfill their heavenly call

Moving in signs and wonders

Invading and occupying spheres 

left unattended for years

The birthright of the chosen

A sacrificial love birthed through 

endless fires will bind them 

No competition, no envy, no jealousy

LOVE and UNITY the sign of a new 

Era people 

Kingdom purposes our focus

Daily we lay our desires down

Ferociously clinging to Jesus

As blueprints and strategies are released 

New things You are declaring!!

We will receive our marching orders 

Step out in Your authority

Fearless and bold

Hurry back to hide in You…..

I in You

You in me

Our new normal…..

— Ebigale Wilson