God Stepped In

“Sometimes God asks us to share the hard things. I felt the Lord ask me to share from a season of my life that has come full circle. God began to speak as I journaled during a very difficult time. I pray it blesses you.”


Look up, Look up. My child. You will see the promises I made long ago. Now is the time, Now is the time. Through the tarnished and shattered dreams. I have been working in you to create a beautiful tapestry. When you felt I was nowhere to be found. It was then and it is now that I have brought you through the miry clay. Where I took you to the deepest and most delicate, intricate shadows of your soul. When you couldn’t see or understand my ways. My delays when I said, no, not yet! I have amazing gifts that you’re not ready to receive. I needed to prepare your heart and mold the very depths of your soul. So I could bring you my very best.

I see in you all that is bursting for more than you can see or comprehend. As I went to the deepest, darkest corners of your heart. Your soul and all the pain that had been buried and turned to rubble. It was to much for you to bear nor could you even admit the depths of your pain. Your trust was gone because of those who hurt you so deeply. It was unbearable pain that I needed you to release and embrace. But, it wasn’t something to be rushed. You needed to feel secure again. I had to take you step by step as you entered into a wilderness season. I needed to lead you and surround you again with trustworthy and safe people in your life.

My daughters heart had been broken beyond her wildest dreams. I knew it was only in this place that would bring you to your knees. I knew it would take you all this time to journey with me and to gain your trust again. I knew I needed to regain the trust of my daughter whom I love so dearly. My pearl of great price. You couldn’t see any purpose. Your heart was devastated. Your world was turned upside down. There was nothing that was normal or even acceptable in your eyes. I knew this would be a long and major recovery time for you to find your way back to yourself. Let alone anyone else in your life. Your immeasurable trust had been broken beyond words.

So I very carefully began to lead you one step at a time. It began with getting your bearings for as much time as you needed. You need lots of TLC to find your way again. Only this time I knew you would find your way. I knew you would eventually take the path that’s been yours to walk all along. My love, now is the time for you to soar to new heights. You have soared and you have come into your calling. You needed a season of refuge and restoration. Now, my beauty I am asking you to step out and place your faith in my hands. Stand up in the anointing and the calling that I’ve placed upon your life. It’s time to walk in your gifts, talents and teachings. For such as time as this I have called you to walk in your new dreams, a new story. I have built you up and raised you up to receive and embrace the mantle that is yours for the taking.

Spring forth and see the Holy Spirit send you out with his favor and anointed healing. Speak forth those things that are not as though they were. Stand in the gap and pray with confidence for those I send you to lead. So shall I bring forth all that you have entrusted to me. For the fulfillment of the Lord is and shall be made known. For this is your season to walk out your destiny. See that the Lord is good and faithful to his promises. His abundance is yours for the asking and to receive it. Seek ye first the word of the Lord in all that you do. See that I will embrace and adorn you with all the riches and fruits of the spirit.

Watch and see my beloved. All that you’ve hoped for and entrusted to me in your wilderness season. Shall come to pass. Watch and pray as you intercede and stay in the presence of the Lord. My daughter! See that the Lord, your God, has not forgotten you nor have you been forsaken. For such a time as this have I called you to walk this journey. See the waters begin to part through the rain and you’ll see the glory of the Lord. On the other side of this. I will begin to pour out my blessings upon you. You will boast all the more of my goodness. See that I will bring you into a land of plenty and bountiful blessings indeed.

Mark 9:23 Everything is possible for him who believes.

In His Grace๐ŸŒน by Fiona Jackson

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