My Hour Of Visitation

Look through My eyes, lean into Me, do not miss My hour of visitation.

My new and your new might differ, so be open for change, new paths, new directions, new connections and even new alignments.

This is a time of stretching, a time of My new and uncommon.

Many are finding themselves in this wide open space in Me. It is an unfamiliar place, not previously visited and known.

You have exited the wilderness and are in a place of “waiting”.

You shall hear My voice more clearly, as your future in me is unravelling in the secret place, through downloads, revelations and prophetic dreams. 

The intensity of the “wilderness” is starting to make sense. The pain, the dying to self, the stripping and the many losses, were so necessary, because in this new place absolutely nothing of the old can cling to you. 

Every “yes” you gave me during your “wilderness” season qualifies you for the new I am declaring over you now!

I am taking My set apart ones into uncharted territories, spaces and atmospheres never been visited.

In this place your desire will only be after Me, as we will move in unison, I in you and You in Me!

Our new normal! 

— Ebigale Wilson



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