Emerging From Desolate Places

You thought you could stop her

Derail Papa’s dreams for her

Her broken parts visible 

Her wounded heart too

Guided by fear 

Consumed by her pain

Desolate places her home 

You thought she would die here

That the challenges of valleys 

would make her fall apart 

That she would dwell around 

waste places forever 

That storms would overcome her

Wildernesses would scare her

She now knows your attacks are

instrumental in awakening wounded daughters to their birthright

Safe places and seasons do 

not challenge and develop us

Daughters awaken in narrow places

All your attacks fell to the ground 

Father’s blood never loses its power

Angels never left our side

Daughters step into their purposes

on the enemies ground

Our true identity brought forth 

when we faced hell

Prepared and fearless

Healed and restored

Weapons of war in Father’s hand

Daughters are emerging from 

desolate places

To take a hold of Father’s new!

— Ebigale Wilson

Emerging From Desolate Places

The Journey