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Hello friends,

I have been writing again… Holy Spirit prompted me to write from Proverbs, so almost every day I read a few verses and share some thoughts. So often we read a chapter a day for a month, but there really is so much Truth in this book that we lose a lot by trying to read a full chapter every day. There are many nuggets of wisdom, and looking at them verse by verse can bring the reality home. Taking time to let the Words Adonai gave to Solomon really sink in should change us all.

I’m working on updating the website, so it is a work in progress. Might even change the email address. One step at a time…

Until it is complete, I pray that HIS Words from the book of Proverbs will bring you LIFE and encourage you. May we all learn and grow from the Promises He gives in this amazing book.

Shabbat Shalom,

Rose Horton

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