It Is The Time Of The Promise

You would have prefered soft paths

Father knew it would never do

You were created for purposes 

much bigger then your thoughts 

could ever comprehend

You would have wanted to walk on 

soft places

Father would not let you settle for less than

He created you to be

You were formed in hidden places 

to shift atmospheres 

Demons tremble when they hear your name 

God set you apart 

Trained you in the dark

At times you thought of giving up

Why would a loving Father lead you on paths many never tread?

He knew you would possess many mountains

Rule and reign with His heart and 

character beating through you

Everything you have been waiting 

for is unfolding before you

Hold fast to My hand

In Me you are safe

Darkness fears you

You dont have to fear

I will take you places to 

represent My heart

Influence, influence will be your 

middle name

A sword in My hand

Bringing division to darkness and light

The battle has been won

It is your time to shine bright

I love your heart more than anything 

I see so many glimpses of Me in you 

Hold out your hands

It is the time of the promise

The fullfilment is here

Forgive and forget

The world will see in you a life holy 

and set apart for My purposes 

You will set captives free

The race has been won

My joyous one

You have been faithful 

Come get your reward

I am wiping your tears

The old is gone

Step into My glory

Come get your crown!!!

— Ebigale Wilson

“It is the time of the promise”

The Journey