Stumble Upon Grace

The shadows her safe place

Non stop chatter in her head

Anxiety and fear her daily bread

She would go down desperate 

roads to numb her pain

Only to wake up the same

Every open door she entered

To get rid of her pain

Looking for solace in imperfect people

Thinking they have the power 

to heal her

If breadcrumbs are all you know 

Hurting people are a feast

Yet she never fit

Never belonged

Her heart a dark hole

Mere moments light tried 

to break through

She could see a glimpse of a 

better tomorrow

Light finds His way to her heart

Through testimonies of the sons 

and the daughters Jesus freed

She saw something different in 

those He transformed

They had hope and peace even 

in the midst of challenges 

Her life a circle of fear

There is a God who sees us

Our brokenness does not scare Him

Not even our wrong choices

Our sin or our pasts

He guide’s us through our graves

The hard places we choose to ignore

Breaking down stone walls of 

guilt and regret

Till we stumble upon grace and

Father’s light breaks through places the enemy once ruled!

— Ebigale Wilson

Stumble Upon Grace

The Journey