On the threshold of a new beginning

Our inheritances called our names

Ruth beamed with joy

Excited for the new

I turned back to the familiar

My past pleaded with me to stay

I could not pay the price of a 

laid down life

Of dying to self

Of kissing the cross

My comfort zone my safe place

Growth was not expected

I could not embrace the new

Step into the unknown 

The path laid out for me

My ending would have been different

Had I embraced change

Invaded new territories

Built my faith in hills and valleys

Everyone forgot about me

I left nothing of worth

Only a legacy of regret and remorse

Please do not follow me

My steps lead nowhere

Make the wilderness your home

You are stronger then you realize

Braver then you will ever know

Write your future bold and bright

Leave legacies of wild faith

All of heaven backs you up!

Soon your journeys will be powerful testimonies

Reaching women near and far

Enlarge your territory!

Embrace new paths!

Walk through new doors!

Hold on to your Beloved!

The faint hearted will know that if you could, they can too!

— Ebigale Wilson


The Journey