Many Times You Said No

Many times you said no

Closed doors in my face

Silence my only companion

As I walked through the valley

of the shadow of death

Hope up in flames

Dreams shattered

Questions on my lips

Your silence my only answer

Low places

Dark nights

Endless losses

Could not comprehend

The “no’s” of a loving God

You knew the end

I saw in part

I now understand

The importance of Your “no’s”

Of closed doors

Shattered dreams

Lonely pits

Endless Prisons

You train Your bride in the

face of their enemies

In the valleys their hope is renewed

In wild storms their faith is stirred

You burn “earth” out of them in

fiery furnaces

Till a bride stripped of her old

nature stands before You

Desperate and addicted to

abide in Your presence

Nothing in this world satisfies

her like Jesus does

The delicacies of the world

a distant memory

The bride only has eyes for her Beloved

The “no’s” made her fearless

In ways “yes’s” never would

The “no’s” built her character

In ways “yes’s” never could

The identity of the remnant bride

Was hidden in her Beloved’s “no’s”

The bride was trained and birthed through the “no’s” of her Beloved.

— Ebigale Wilson

Many Times You Said No

The Journey