No Treadmills

Oftentimes religion can be a treadmill—repeatedly getting us all dressed up and fully informed but giving us nothing to actually do or say to work out our faith.  Just more church, more study, more learning.

That is not the way of Christ.  He speaks a word to our spirits and then immediately goes to work showing us how to work the word out, turning it into action.

In actuality, there is much to be done on behalf of Christ and his kingdom, some of it to be done by us as individuals and some of it to be done by the church collectively.

Happy is the man who learns the difference, for we can play our parts immediately and always, but we have to be very patient while waiting for the church to learn to work together synergistically.

Not surprisingly, we will only see what the Lord wants to do with the church collectively after we have personally submitted our lives to his will individually.  “His secrets are with those who fear him.”  Those on the outside will only see chaos and confusion.  God’s friends will see him working—slowly, mightily, and consistently—to bring people together in unity of spirit and gracious love to do great things for the kingdom.  

The church is not unlike human families where the husband and wife learn to live and work together as they slowly incorporate the children into the family structure.

From the outside, it may look like chaos, but in the best of families there is always a plan and a conscious effort to work out that plan.

— Brad Heilhecker