My Pen’s Pondering

Poets pen words all the time ….
Songwriters sing songs all the time …

Spinning words of hope and change
Reflecting and reaching
Dangling and daring

I am sort of sick of words …
I am sick of dashing dreams and Unending speeches …

We can write and sing and read and speak …but what changes? Really?

I want to see movement… action… momentum…

I want to see real truth prevail over evil and hellbent empty promises

Hell, I don’t even know what I want anymore…
What is the point of this pens pondering?

If I am just one pebble thrown in a sea of endless possibilities … does my ripple make an impact ?

Will it force a chain reaction or just go so long and fizzle out …

I am tired of quitters and empty promises … even the ones I make to myself

I am tired of the toil and no harvest?
Or is there…Really, no harvest? Could it be simply because the workers are so few?

We all reap what we sow!

So, what will we sow?
More Poems? Speeches? Songs?
Empty promises?

Those temporary platitudes to cover and soothe our emotions but in reality it’s like we keep putting a bandaid on a gunshot wound ….

Unity … it feels so far
Is it ever really reached?
With just me?
Or We ? Or Us? Or Them?

Hate seems to rule — to blind the masses…
Fear is the food they keep cramming down our throats.

It’s always a challenge to understand sufferings from a ground-level perspective…

Do we keep picking up our toys and stomping out of the sandbox…
Canceling culture, ideas, and voices of anyone that hurts our feelings or doesn’t agree with the controlled narratives of a misguided few…

I am pondering and penning and so far from singing …

Kumbaya…What does it mean?
It feels like it just falls on deaf ears… Maybe it’s nothing more than a silly campfire song and it’s just left in the burn pile of ashes ….

How do we take these words of poets and writers and make them realities?

“Imagine” if you will …

Have them stir more than our emotions and look great on paper for the world to keep reading and sharing but not really ever doing more….

How do we do MORE and keep going and moving and effecting real change in our own hearts and our homes …in our cities and communities… our churches and countries….

I feel like Jacob, wresting with God for answers and blessings but my hip is so sore and I am tired of limping along …

What really constitutes blessings?
What really is the answer to all that we seek?

Can we keep standing and praying and believing that God has not forsaken us? ….

I read the many Promises of God – Oh, I have seen them …tasted them…known them … and still don’t always understand them…

What I do know is …
He is the only Promise Maker that is also A Promise Keeper.

So, I will keep pondering and pursuing the Promises of God…

And use my pen to ponder and process all the pains of life and keep encouraging others

But for now …

I stand
I wait
I pray

I do what I can do to affect change in me so that it ripples outward … to be the change for others around me.

Let’s focus on God’s Promises.
There is a Promise to every problem.

And because of His glory and excellence, He has given us great and precious promises. These are the promises that enable you to share His divine nature and escape the world’s corruption caused by human desires. ~ 2 Peter 1:4 NLT

—XXOO Michelle Cosby Bollom

My Pen’s Pondering

Restored Ministries