Her And Jesus

Blinded by the lies of the enemy

On a road leading nowhere

Her face tells a story of hopelessness 

and despair

Stumbling through the ashes of 

many mistakes made

Locked in a cage of her past

Dead dreams

Raw scars

Endless pain

The voice of the enemy

Holding her captive

In circles she wanders

Eyes towards heaven

She falls to her knees

While tears of remorse and regret

run down her cheeks

She calls on the NAME

She chose for so long to forget

Instantly the presence of Love 

envelopes her whole being

He takes her face in His hands

While gently wiping away every tear

For the first time in her life she 

experienced grace

An exchange of underserved love 

so great

She couldn’t but surrender to the 

One called Love

With one touch of His hand

One glance of His eyes

His love fills her whole being

Erases every painful memory

Heals every hurt in her broken heart

It is only her and Jesus….

She is at the place, He always wanted her to be.

— Ebigale Wilson

Her And Jesus

The Journey


Image by Maria