A Bride Awaken

She always challenged the norm

The status quo

The graves of religion

The manipulation of jezebel

The devastation of witchcraft 


A trouble maker



Were the labels placed on her

She went hard after Jesus

Unmoved by trivial things

Her Kingdom assignment held 

her gaze

Trained in the outskirts of the city

Demons tormented her

Witchcraft tried to take her out

Religion tried to bridle her

Her battle-axe is sharp

A weapon of war in Father’s hand

Heaven held her attention

A cloud of witnesses cheered 

her on

Father’s presence was her home

In valleys low she was trained 

In the presence of her enemies 

she was stripped 

Hell cannot contain her

Demons cannot stop her

Armed and dangerous 

She is ready to root out and to pull down

To destroy and to throw down

To build and to plant

A new Era at hand

A bride awaken 

Never again will the bride retreat

Forget her inheritance 

Heaven has her back

She is ready to invade and occupy

every assignment given to her!

— Ebigale Wilson

A Bride Awaken

The Journey