Joy In The New Year

In the middle of 2020, I had a very significant dream that has carried me through the rest of the year.

 There is a part of this dream that I believe carries a significant key for the beginning of 2021.  That key, I believe, is JOY.

The dream, there were two tall mountains with a deep gulf between.  On one mountain was a large group of the Church-at-large; ministers, leaders, pastors, and just sons and daughters.  They were all standing shoulder-to-shoulder, covered in armor, looking intently at the mountain top on the other side of the gulf.

The other mountain, however, had a demon of darkness on it.  It was taller and broader than any of us on the “Church” side, and it had the most intimidating demeanor that I have ever encountered.

There are several details that I will not share here, but the few details that I found most noteworthy would be, firstly, that the “Church” people – although feeling the emotions of fear, intimidation and even for some, despair – did not run. They bravely stood ground, and not one of them flinched.  Secondly, and most noticeably, they began to throw their heads back and LAUGH.  The Church had their armor, were ready to swing swords and shields were indeed in place, yet they began to laugh and laugh.  And with every roar of laughter from the “Church” side, the demon of darkness began to SHRINK.  In fact, the darkness shrank until it was no longer even there.

When I woke up, I felt such an intense sense of urgency to learn to walk in this inherited fruit called joy.

The Lord showed me that joy is a language from Heaven, FOUND IN HIS PRESENCE, and it cannot be comprehended by the enemy.  How can he understand joy, especially since his heart is so filled with hate?

Joy is a frequency that fills up the airways, meaning it blocks out all the noise of the enemy.  Joy is louder than the attack, and therefore diminishes the attack’s power and its ability to intimidate.

We know that the joy of the Lord is our strength (Nehemiah 8:10), and we know that we can have the fullness of it in His Presence (Psalm 16:11), but I feel that in the coming days JOY will be a great tool to destroy the demons of darkness.

During worship one night while pondering JOY and this dream again, the Holy Spirit asked me the question: “What happens with fruit?” Fruit is sweet and meant to be consumed and enjoyed.  But it also turns into wine.  I feel like there is a new wine of joy and celebration coming to the Church in the coming days, as we become inebriated by the fullness of the Presence of our wonderful God. I am convinced that this is a new facet of Kingdom that the Lord wants to pour out afresh!

I believe that JOY is no longer going to be a buzz word or something to work toward in 2021.  JOY is a fruit, and our absolute inheritance as sons and daughters that can come boldly into the Presence of the King.

Intimidation and darkness will shrink at the sound of our joy, and it will become louder than the darkness.

For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking but of righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. – Romans 14:17

— Mandy Woodhouse