Red Sea Moments

Fear all around

Hiding in caves

Never ending attacks

Hope a distant memory

You cling to your challenges 

Going in circles

You toss and you turn

No light in sight

Enemies encircle you

Painting dark pictures

Stealing your joy

Stripping you of faith

Empty handed

Nothing to hold on to

Frustration your portion

You retreat to your past 

Visiting the wilderness again?

You crave Father’s rest

Shifting your focus 

His presence brings comfort

His voice your compass again

Distractions disappear

You remember the vineyards

Amongst dry places

The goodness of Father

in hard places

His timing is perfect

Hold fast to His promises

Our God cannot lie

Endless Red Sea moments 

Prepared you for this

Giving up not an option

As you enter His rest

Every attack loses its grip

A remnant prepared

Overtaken by His love

Joy floods our beings

Peace is our portion

We hold on to hope

Remember Pappa’s faithfulness 

in previous Red Sea moments.

—Ebigale Wilson

Red Sea Moments

The Journey