Jesus Has Her Heart Forever

She is a portrait of Pappa’s peace

When I look at her there’s not 

a trace of the road she walked

The many mountains she climbed

The many oceans she swam

The many giants she faced

Her journey had many detours

Many interruptions

Many lows

You would expect to see a 

glimpse of her past on her face

Pain in her eyes

Bitterness on her tongue

She mirrors the bride of Christ

Nothing of this world clings to her

She has laid it all down

She paid a high price to walk 

intimately with her King

When I am in her presence

She takes me to places

I have never been

Past the veil where love sick 

daughters are born

She leaves a trail of Pappa’s 

character wherever she treads

She has dealt with her past

Every heartache, Every trauma 

She left at the cross

Emptied her hands

Surrendered every dream

Made Jesus her priority

Now when she speaks it comes 

from a fountain deep within

The weighty sound she humbly 

releases brings tears to my eyes

I can see Jesus all over her face

In her calm demeanor 

The anointed sound she releases 

She is in awe of her Beloved

Jesus has her heart forever!

— Ebigale Wilson

Jesus Has Her Heart Forever

The Journey