29 Days …

29 Days …

29 days left in 2020

29 days left to round out this year …

29 days left until a New Month

29 days left until a New Year…

Most of the time I am ready for new calendars and new schedules and new possibilities of a New Year by now.

2020 has been “a crazy year” for most of us… actually all of us in ways.

In the beginning of 2020 I felt “Vision” and “Awakening” were the key words for the year…

Not just Vision in the natural as my eyesight was rapidly failing but I knew God wanted me to start to see things not with my natural eyes.

Boy-did I get that and so much more in 2020…

It has been a year of trusting and warring and praying and joy and sorrow and slower paces and disappointments and extreme blessings and hidden blessings and more lessons and learning and losses…. and gifts …

I wouldn’t trade a moment of it!

I find myself now in a spot of wanting to savor every last bit of 2020. Not to rush or wish these last 29 days away, but somehow make them count more.

Make them a time of deep rest and family and laughter and joyful memories amidst the sadnesses and sorrows and unknowns around us or not knowing how 2021 or years to come will look.

I don’t want to return to the “old normal” I want God’s way – which is higher than mine.

I have no great word for 2021… truth is I haven’t even asked for one this coming year.

I have no stresses or pressures to make it like all the other years.

I don’t want to rush it …

I want to still relish and recall how God Winked and provided and made a way where there seemed no ways. How He brought those looming mountains low and raised up the dark valley’s of despair. How He made crooked ways straight and rough spots smooth.

He did it … all… and more for me and for my family and for many others.

It all depends on what lens you choose to view it from.

Losses can turn into gains

Sicknesses can force rest

Sadness can make ways for new joys

Restrictions can create new ideas

Bare necessities can replace preferred luxuries…

Even with limited natural sight you can see His hand at work if you choose His perspective over our own. What was meant to harm us – can and will be turned around for our ultimate good, even when it doesn’t appear to look or feel good at the moment.

How will you spend the last bit of 2020? Will you be wonderfully waiting and savoring each last day or wishing and rushing that it would hurry up and end?

I am going to wonderfully wait and savor every last day of it ….

—XXOO Michelle Bollom