Trained By The Best

I see the passing of batons 

To a new and unknown breed

A new era where the old won’t do

A changing of the guard

A clear distinction between 

the sheep and the goats

Where do you find yourself?

Shifted and found faithful 

An army of love sick lovers

Emerging from the battlefield 

Prepared and trained in the 

gates of hell

They did not crumble under 

pressure or succumb to fear

No, the low places know their names

The familiar replaced by the unknown 

Bright lights led many away

Bowing to false idols has many

in chains

Religion slowly but surely left 

many cold

The high cost of obedience many

could not pay

An unknown, nameless, faceless 

remnant was trained in seclusion 

The fire was turned up seven 

times hotter

Enemies surrounded them in

different training camps

Known by their scars, losses, public humiliations 

They embraced the unfamiliar 

while still in pain 

The black book still their compass 

Their enemies revealed their mandate

Justice and vengeance in the 

hands of the Father

A focused and prepared bride is 

ready to pick up their mantles 

Trained by the Best

Ready to take their places in the 

highest ranks of His army 

To make their Father’s name great!!

— Ebigale Wilson

Trained By The Best

The Journey