This week I was drawn to colors (or colours for those of you in the British writing). I decided to start with the color RED since it is the first one in the rainbow. I will do my best to follow this through and see what other colors can be found in the Word of God.

Red… what verses are in the Scriptures about the color red. Because of the use of the word “scarlet” there are actually quite a few.

Exodus 27:16 “For the gateway of the courtyard there is to be a screen thirty feet made of blue, purple and scarlet yarn and finely woven linen. It should be in colors, the work of a weaver. It is to be on four posts in four sockets.

Isaiah 1:18 “Come now,” says Adonai, “let’s talk this over together. Even if your sins are like scarlet, they will be white as snow; even if they are red as crimson, they will be like wool.

Matthew 27:28 They stripped off his clothes and put on him a scarlet robe,

Revelation 12:3 Another sign was seen in heaven there was a great red dragon with seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads were seven royal crowns.

Four very different verses. A Temple linen screen made with scarlet yarn. Sins as scarlet and red as crimson. A scarlet robe worn by our Messiah. A red dragon.

Red is obviously significant in the Word of God. It was used in very significant events.

The Temple of God and how it was put together was significant, even for future prophetic events. How it was put together is significant for things to come. The colors used and the way the pieces were placed. The use of scarlet yarn woven into the screens and linens is a symbol of the robe placed on Jesus when He was being tortured.

Jesus had a “scarlet robe” placed on Him as He was being beaten. His red blood was shed for us. He was clothed in royalty as it happened.

Isaiah, the prophet, shows us that our sins are washed clean. We might be red and covered with blood, but they will all be washed away and we will be clean and white.

The book of Revelation even uses the word red. The great dragon that will come forth is red.

I remember a saying growing up which said,

“Red at night Sailor’s delight. Red in the morning Sailors take warning.”

I have observed this happen many times. I watch the sky and it really is true.

We cover our doorpost with red each Passover as a reminder of HIS blood that covers the mantle of our hearts.

One of my favorite flowers when I was in Israel was the “poppy” that sprouted all throughout the land in Spring. It really is an “anemone” I have been told. It literally springs up everywhere in the Land. We would drive around and get so excited when we saw the first ones coming forth from the ground. Fields would be filled with them. It was stunning. There are some here in Cyprus, but they don’t have the same vibrant color of red.

I asked God one year why this flower was so significant. His Spirit spoke to me and said, “These are my drops of blood that I have left on the Land. I want everyone to know that my SON shed His blood and it is sprinkled everywhere. During Passover and the Spring Harvest everyone can be reminded that I AM Who I say I AM.”

I am so glad God gave us colors. Friends, HE shows us things in so many different ways. Enjoy the COLORS He has given and find HIS teachings in everything you see. God uses HIS creation to show us “great and mighty things which we don’t know.”

Look around today and find the color red. Be THANKFUL for His blood. Be THANKFUL that the RED He has blessed us with brings us freedom and peace. Don’t look at the color red in the same way again. See it as HIS LIFE and the LIFE He gives you.

Shabbat Shalom,

Rose Horton

Photo by Victoria Tronina on Unsplash

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