Stop Feeding The Old Man

Recently, I had a powerfully confronting dream that I am still mulling over.

In the dream, I was visiting and ministering to people who were struggling with different issues. Some were dealing with depression and anxiety, some with sickness, others with quite obvious sin such as lying, stealing and pornography. None of these people were people that I knew in real life.

At the homes of each person I visited in the dream, there was an old man lingering around.  Each home had the same situation – a struggle and an old man who barely engaged the family, but who was just simply there.  In one home that I went into, I decided to confront the old man and ask him about himself. He never gave me a direct answer about his identity, but the general sense I got from him was that he was negative, sickly, stressed and quite ashamed.  I remember him clearly telling me that he was “allowed to stay” by the person, and that he “wasn’t leaving until they said to go.” When I confronted the person about what the old man had said to me, they had a similar reaction.  “He seems harmless – I have learned to just tolerate him” the person said of the old man.  

I noticed that each person had been feeding and housing their old man as well.

The dream them switched to a friend and I pushing deep into prayer together, and having a time of worship of our Jesus.  My heartbeat began to connect to His rhythm the more that I pushed into intimacy, and it was as if I had new eyes to see the world around me.

The dream continued to me coming out of this time with Jesus. I looked over at the old man, and what I saw absolutely astounded me.  It was horrifically confronting.

I saw that the old man was actually not alive, but a dead corpse that was rotting.  The corpse was being used as a puppet by two demons. None of us had seen the old man for what he really was because he had been tolerated to such a point it appeared as if he somehow belonged there.

Soon the Holy Spirit spoke to me about the corpse.  The Holy Spirit said that the “old man” was more than just a wrong mindset.  This was something that had been tolerated, fed and housed, and therefore could be used by demonic forces to keep people in a struggle.  

This “old man” – this old nature –had been tolerated for so long that the people I was visiting had actually partnered with the lie that it was harmless.  In doing so, they could no longer see the truth for what it was – that it was a dead corpse, no longer living, and just simply needed to be told to GO.

They needed God’s presence and His heartbeat to be able to see from His perspective the truth about who they are, and that they no longer needed that old man to hang around and influence their lives! What a profound dream.

Friends, let our focus be today that we have been crucified with Christ, and that it is no longer we who live but Christ who lives in us!  Whom the Son sets free is free indeed, and that includes freedom from that old man who tries to linger and lie to you.  We no longer have an obligation to engage him, to allow him to linger or to house and feed him because he no longer lives.  

We can see him as dead, and thus illegal in our lives, and definitely NOT something to be tolerated!

You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free (John 8:32), and that truth is that the old man is a lie.  The fact is, if you feel that you have to tolerate him, that is a lie.

The truth is that you have authority to tell the enemy to GO, in the Name of Jesus, and you have the ability to smash every lie that raises itself against the knowledge of who you truly are in Christ.  Your past does not define you, neither does the sin, discouragement or shame that has tried to come on you.  We will tolerate whatever we don’t recognize, and we can only recognize the lies when the truth is louder and more visible.  This happens in His presence, connected to His heart, and allowing His love and truth to wash over us.  What a glorious place to abide!

— Mandy Woodhouse