My Sisters Keeper

I am glad to see her

My sweet friend

My hearts friend

Her eyes are swollen

I give her a long hug, before 

I take a seat

Pain visible in her eyes

She looks tired and tense 

Vaguely smiling in my direction

She starts to talk

Her heart is heavy

She needs to unpack

I can taste her pain the more 

she speaks 

Her emotions flow over her lips

Her heart is torn

She starts to cry

Softly at first

Then sobs race through her body

Iike a dam that is overflowing 

I let her be…..

I was her not too long ago….

I rub her hand, as I try to wipe 

my own tears

I am one with her pain

I also walked through the valley 

of the shadow of death not too long ago

Our stories may slightly differ….but pain 

is pain however you look at it

You need your sisters forged in the 

fire when you go through the fire….

To unpack your heart

To impart their wisdom

I know without a doubt she will rejoice 

and laugh again

My life is proof that a faithful Father 

really exists 

In the meantime, I will cheer her on

Cry with her 

Be her sister as she walks through 

this trying season 

Soon she will reach her destination.

I will be there to celebrate with her!

There is something enchanting, magical, supernatural, when women support and root for each other! 

— Ebigale Wilson

My Sisters Keeper

The Journey

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