Look Up

While in worship a few weekends ago, I suddenly felt like I was on a roller coaster.  It was the most bizarre feeling that perhaps I have ever felt supernaturally during a worship service.  When naturally odd things like this happen to me, I now know that it is the Father trying to get my attention to speak to me.

Not only could I feel the momentum and inertia of a ride like a roller coaster, but I also found that I could not move my head to either side!  It was as if I was strapped in, with a head guard snugly fitting around my face, keeping my head in position.

My eye sight was also restricted as I found that I could only look up and not side-to-side or even straight ahead.

When I came out of the encounter, I heard the Lord speak very clearly regarding a new season of momentum coming to the Bride.  

He reminded me that on a roller coaster, because of the speed and the gravity and inertia that pulls you forward, backward, upside-down, etc., a person’s eyes can never look to the side or even down.  

When on a roller coaster, you usually have only two real choices: A person can either close their eyes, or they can look straight ahead on the ride. Looking up or down actually feels quite uncomfortable at that speed, and thus usually people choose to just close their eyes completely.

HOWEVER, I felt the Father say that He is realigning our sight to only ever look up. Especially amidst the momentum of where the Lord seems to be taking us in this season, the only healthy and safe place is for us to look UP.

Just like looking up on an actual roller coaster is not always the easiest or default thing to do, looking up when the world is spinning, tilting, rocking and speeding past may seem abnormal to those around you.  But I want to remind you that as CHILDREN OF GOD, we are not called to a worldly normal.  Our lives are SUPERNATURAL, thanks to Jesus and our faith in Who He is!

Jesus is our confidence and the lifter of your head (Psalm 3:3-4). Even if there are ups, downs, acceleration, even those turns that make a person feel sick because they are upside-down and shaking all over, our gaze can always be HIM. He’s locked into you and I, and invites us to lock into HIM.

We cannot afford for our gaze to not be locked into Him.

Before the encounter ended, I felt it go into a peaceful, gentle and restful slow motion once I actually looked up and kept my gaze there. I felt His longing for us to gaze upon Him and learn to be still while we gaze. I felt His desire for our full surrender to His gaze. In that moment, nothing else mattered but me and Him. I think He loves it when that’s all that matters to us.

Despite what seems like a roller coaster ride in the nations today, let us always stay surrendered to His gaze. May we continue to LOOK UP and surrender fully to the ups and downs and twists and turns. He is our confidence, the lifter of our heads, our protector and our Psalm 91 safety. The more we surrender, the more fun we have and the more joy will be manifested in us.


— Mandy Woodhouse