God Speaks: Prayers, Precepts, and Promises

God still speaks today. He speaks to us in our prayers, in his precepts, and in his promises. E.g., In salvation, you may pray: “Jesus, please come into my heart”, while the Spirit is praying on your behalf: “I give you my life.” In precepts, he is speaking while you ask: “What shall I preach?”, the Spirit answers: “Flee from this world’s system; follow me.” In promises, he is speaking while we plead: “Heal me”; and he answers: “Just obey me, and you will be healed.”

Many wonder, “Does God still speak today?” A much better question is: “Are we still listening today?”

God doesn’t speak just to hear the sound of his voice; he speaks because someone is listening and wants to hear from him. In our connection with heaven, the disconnect is almost always on our end. Does God wait for the right time to speak? Sure he does, just as he is training us to wait before we answer hastily.

Words falling on deaf ears do not profit anyone.

So, if anyone asks you: “Does God still speak today?,” you can answer wholeheartedly, “Most assuredly.”  If anyone asks you: “Is anyone still listening today?,” you may sadly reply, “Very few.”

— Brad Heilhecker