Darkness Is Your Past

A long season

Dark times

Endless journeys

Unrelenting attacks

Not a ray of light

The tide is turning

The shift is here

Your diligence and obedience 

will be rewarded 

Your bright future will outweigh 

every attack

Every heartache

Every pain

Every battle 

Had its purpose 

Everything is coming together

Like a puzzle 

It’s falling into place

Looking back every attack

Every battle

Every scar

Was necessary to take a hold 

of yoke breaking destinies 

We’re going higher

Taking a hold of new territories

We paid every price

Brought every sacrifice

When darkness was all we 

could see

Arise and shine

Darkness is your past

The enemy knows the ending 

Your focus is your bright future

As darkness covers the earth

The Lord will arise over you

His glory will be seen upon you

The remnant will now step out

His light will be visible on 


Released through mouths

Visible wherever they tread

The wilderness will now release them!!!

— Ebigale Wilson

Darkness Is Your Past