At the end of your road

Nowhere to turn to

No hope in sight

You have never felt so alone, forgotten, unheard 

Could this just be the place 

Father summoned you to

Longed for you to be all along

He tried to lure you for years

You did not see Him

Too many distractions

Till your life came crashing down

A “crisis” launched Joseph, Job, 

Ruth, Esther and so many others into Father’s dreams for them

Could this be a setup?

Would this “crisis” finally capture 

your attention

Set you on a journey of becoming who Papa created you to be

Could this wilderness hold the key 

to your healing and transformation?

You had nothing to lose

Stripped to the core




You were the perfect candidate 

to go on a journey of becoming 

with Papa

Would you finally surrender

For Papa to have His way 

To heal your broken heart

Fine tune your character

Do a heart transplant

Enemies and challenges were 

sent to silence you

Papa used them to strip you

To train you

Till you were transformed into His bride without spot or wrinkle

Away from the crowd you 

faced your fears

Your deepest pain held the key 

to your freedom 

In isolation you find your voice

Your “crisis” awakened the 

lioness in you 

Orchestrated in heaven

Sons and daughters obeyed, surrendered and died to self.

— Ebigale Wilson


The Journey