Righteous II

We are right with God.  When we put our faith in Christ’s sin atoning sacrifice, we satisfied Our Father’s heart.  

Everything that we do in Christ from this point forward must flow from this knowledge, must grow from this solid foundation.  Those that try to earn God’s favor by self-righteous good deeds will surprisingly find God amazingly unimpressed.  

He knows the heart of man; he has a long history with man, and he has seen the fruit of externally religious men with external religious good deeds; all of the Old Testament bears witness to the fact that this type of righteousness is only skin deep, and produces very little compassion toward the hurting or justice for the oppressed.

So, what is the motivation to do good deeds?  For the word of God is full of exhortations for us to be rich in good deeds.  In the book of James, it even says that we should express our wisdom by humble good deeds.  There is then a strong correlation between our faith, our wisdom, and our participation in good deeds.  

Someone said, “We are saved for good deeds, not by good deeds.” This begs the question: If we are not participating in good deeds, what are we doing?  The obvious answer is that we must be participating in bad deeds or, at best, useless deeds.  Incidentally, there are a few scriptures that indicate that faithfulness in our employment might be one of the main good deeds for which we are responsible.

So, back to the proper motivation for doing good.  If we know that God loves us, that he sent Christ to die for us, and that we have all of eternity to enjoy the rewards of what we have done on earth; then we have a strong incentive to “make hay while the sun shines.”  The brevity of life and the immensity of eternity result in a strong motive for making good use of our time here.

There are no “take backs”, or “do overs”; this is our time; this is our chance to show our love for Our Father and Our Savior by serving them well by helping our fellow man.

There are several scriptures that state that others will be persuaded to believe in God when they observe our good deeds.  So, my fellow travelers, let us go forth and be faithful to be found participating in kingdom works during our brief sojourn here.  

We will never regret it.

~ Brad Heilhecker