Obedience, The Missing Ingredient

Jesus said several different ways that if we will obey him and walk in love, that we will be blessed.  He related this in his teaching, in his example of washing the disciples feet, in the parable of the obedient servant’s house being built on the foundation of rock, and in his explicit declaration that if we obey him, he will come and make his home with us.  

Obedience is what separates true believers from pretenders.

We know from another of Christ’s teachings that “the work of God is to believe in the one that he has sent.”  All that we do or say in his service must be predicated on our faith in Christ, or it is useless in the Father’s eyes.  If our motives in life lapse into self aggrandizement or even into trying to earn God’s favor by our deeds, we have missed the mark and will ultimately suffer frustration and ineptitude, not to mention the displeasure of Our Father.

Still, it is written that there is an “obedience of faith.”  True faith is real obedience.  Faith can be feigned and powerless, or it can be genuine and move mountains.  

The faith that comes from God and is directed to God is precious in God’s eyes.  It is childlike faith, innocent faith, and is accompanied by a clear conscience and a life of love.  

Rather than being nebulous or frivolous, faith in God is increasingly well defined, is shown by good works, and is very profound.  It is what the ancients were commended for; it is what gains us entry into the kingdom, and it is what ushers us into the throne room.

It will be found to be the source of all of our heavenly rewards.

—Brad Heilhecker

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