Uncharted Territories

She found herself in the middle 

of a battlefield

Sent to steal from her 

To silence her 

To take her out

Unbeknown to her she was 

part of a company of women 

Father was raising up in this season 

The battlefield was her 

training ground

Jezebel, religion, witchcraft 

some of her teachers

Sent to call forth the sleeping 

giant within her

Her mantle was buried deep 

under her pain

The scalpel went deep to 

heal her heart

Restore her to Father’s original design 

Only then could she take a hold 

of Father’s dreams for her

Many times she wanted to retreat

Her comfort zone was calling her 

The Lord mighty in battle,

never left her side

Her battles raised up the warrior 

in her

She now treads where others 

fear to dwell

Her unique anointed sound 

was stirred in her darkest days

Sword in the hand

Her mouth dripped with oil

She discovered her strength 

on the battlefield

She now rules over her fears 

and anxiety 

Her battles raised up the 

warrior in her

She is in awe of her King

She can take no credit of the 

daughter she is becoming

Jesus would not let her give up

When she wanted to surrender 

He fought for her

No greater Love was ever 

bestowed on her 

What was sent to take many daughters out awakened every dormant dream within 

Beautified on the battlefield 

Not a scar to show

Only the radiance of their King

Daughters are picking up 

mantles Father is handing them

Ready to invade different spheres

Uncharted territories are waiting 

on them!! 

— Ebigale Wilson

Uncharted Territories