Hurry Up And Wait

There is really only one thing for which we are responsible in this life, and that is to “wait on the Lord.”

We can accomplish very little for God in this life through our own efforts; we are absolutely dependent on Christ living his life through us moment by moment and day by day, and that is the beauty and the blessing of kingdom life—he is absolutely willing and able to “work and will in us for his good pleasure.”

The hard part of kingdom living is the crucification of the self life.   It is only after denying ourselves that we able to hear his voice and respond to his directions as we navigate the difficult terrain of the enemy’s territory.  Christ has ceded this “world” to his arch nemesis; all those that don’t belong to Christ are by default given to the enemy’s power and influence.  

It is no exaggeration to say that we are operating behind enemy lines.

However, our communication and supply lines to heaven remain open 24/7—we have access to all the wisdom, knowledge, and strength that we need in order to accomplish our individual and corporate missions.

So, back to the waiting part: we operate in God’s strength and on his timetable, not the other way around.

We want to be found waiting on Our Father rather than him having to wait on us; though, to be sure, he is well able to wait on his people as long as it takes to get us surrendered to his will.  He is much more patient and long suffering than we are; he is outside of time and space, and has plenty to do while he waits for us to line up with his sovereign will.  

So, let us be sure that the top item in our priority list is to be found “waiting on the Lord,” for then we will have no lack of any provision as we march and fight in this great battle to win souls for all eternity!

— Brad Heilhecker