Forever Wrecked

You could have left me 

in the dark

You didn’t have to 

pursue me

You knew me better 

than anyone

My sin was ever before You

Wild and endless journeys 

away from Your presence

Tasting everything forbidden

Dark places my habitation  

My mind a war zone

I never knew peace

Demons tormenting me

Night and day

Will this dark cloud ever lift?  

I tried to find myself in 

everything, but You

Visited places I choose to forget

Satisfied for a mere moment 

The void in my heart grew 

bigger still

Found myself at many 


Always taking the road 

leading nowhere 

Still Your love chased after me

Like a runaway fire

Consuming, never ending

Your love clung to me in

the darkest of places

You would not let go of me

What love is this that the 

One without sin would 

recklessly pursue me

Follow me to the ends of the 

earth to show me my worth

In my darkest hour

Your love burned through me

Brought me to my knees

Forever wrecked 

I surrendered.

— Ebigale Wilson

Forever Wrecked

The Journey