Pushing In

Is anyone else feeling the need to really FIGHT FOR INTIMACY right now?

There is something happening in the spiritual atmosphere around us. I feel and see so many distractions, feelings of “numbness” or “tiredness.” Some are just outright demonic attacks on our time with the Lord. It makes me want to push in MORE THAN EVER for the fullness of what He has for us, mostly because I know that pushback only comes when something great is moving forward.

Intimacy with Him is more important now than ever.  There is a place of intimacy in the Father’s arms where we feel absolute love and acceptance. This fuels our soul and makes us stand firm in identity, which then leads to increase in our lives and ministries.  There is great intimacy for us with the Holy Spirit, where we are empowered to execute in the natural what God has prepared for us in the Spiritual.

There is a deep intimacy with our savior, Jesus, where we know who we are and how truly transformed by Him we are. These are the places where we find true satisfaction and all that we need.

It is such a profoundly important place to be. Intimacy is where fear falls away. Where identity and affirmation are restored. It is where we are empowered and loved and our perspective changes, and thus the world around us changes. Even circumstances change. Intimacy is actually where we were created to be. It is where we come alive and fully awake.

It is the single most important thing in our walk as a Believer….

… and it is the most attacked. It is constantly confronted with busyness and distraction. A fog sometimes comes over people when they try to go deep, and the feelings of not feeling connected to Him can be overwhelming.  These feelings can lie to us, making us feel not enough or lacking.  Ironically, it’s actually in His presence where we find the truth that we ARE ENOUGH and that we have everything we need in Christ.  The devil is so crafty.

But I hear the Lord say KEEP PUSHING IN! DON’T LET GO! In His Presence, we find EVERYTHING we need. I cannot stress enough, it’s where we were CREATED to be.  Eternal life IS KNOWING HIM intimately.

No more listening to the lies of the enemy. No more allowing feelings to dictate. It’s time to rise up in authority and PUSH IN. GO DEEP. As you draw near to Him, He promises to draw near to you. His heart is WIDE OPENED. Come as you are.

I break off every assignment of the enemy off of your time in the Secret Place, in Jesus Name!

THIS is who you are. PUSH IN!

This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent. – John 17:3

— Mandy Woodhouse