Choose Love

No, Not Today Boo Boo –

Not ANY DAY Boo Boo ….

You may think you’re winning, but you’re not!

I am sick of you over playing your hand.

You just think you’re gaining ground.

You are a liar and greatly mistaken.

You’ve been defeated.

You have no power.

God wins.

God always wins in the end.

When nothing feels good or right in this crazy world – God is still good! Period!

There is evil and there is good.

There is life and there is death.

There is darkness and there is light.

There is hate and there is love.

The great pendulum swing seems to not be so wide of a dividing spectrum these days.

The lines have become grossly blurred.

Lord, open our eyes, give us ears to hear, change our hearts and minds. Break our hearts for what breaks Yours.

I don’t have the answers to this evil and hatred and overwhelming tragedy happening in the world.

Sometimes we won’t ever get the answers we are looking for this side of Heaven.

Help us trust You Lord even when it doesn’t make any sense.

Help us choose to focus on what is Good, to choose Life and Light …. and above all —Please let us choose LOVE. Perfect LOVE.

In our thoughts in our words and in our actions.

Hate and anger is way too heavy a burden to carry. Nothing good comes from any of it. Don’t get caught up in it.

Reduce us to LOVE Lord.

Because when we choose LOVE – Miracles Happen!

“Where there is great love there are alway miracles. “— Willa Carther

— XXOO Michelle Bollom