He Left The Ninety-Nine

She remembers how Papa

came to her rescue

When her world came 

crashing down 

Confused and shaken

Many unanswered questions 

A dead silence pulling her 

to a dark space

Every negative emotion 

flooded her mind





Overcome by feelings of unworthiness

Her heart shattered into a 

thousand of pieces

Her body bent low by deep anguish 

Her eyes reflected deep sorrow

Would she ever laugh again?

Father calmed her raging heart

He tamed her wild emotions

Poured His anointing oils into 

every crevice, every space of 

her broken heart

Till a light was ignited in 

her eyes

Papa restored her every hurt

She has awakened from her 

deep sleep

She glistens with His glory

She now knows who she is

Her identity engraved in Father

He left the ninety-nine to 

search and heal her heart

For too long she searched for 

her healing in all the wrong places 

Filled the void in her heart 

with stuff and people

She had to walk this lonely 

road to find herself 

Put her past behind her

Learn many lessons

To realize that her biggest need 

was always Jesus.

— Ebigale Wilson

He Left The Ninety-Nine