Instruments Of Grace

“Be all you can be” – U.S. Army.

 “Be like me” – Jesus.  “

Live up to the measure of the status quo” – the modern church.  

Jesus and the military call us to greatness, but does modern Christianity?  Certainly, we are encouraged to think great thoughts and to be generous in our service and our giving; but are we encouraged to move out and take new ground for Jesus?  Are we encouraged to entertain actions that have not been prescribed in the church syllabus?

Revelation contains seven letters from Christ to seven churches that existed in the first century, none of whom exist today.  What happened to these churches?  Could it be that what overtook them is similar to what is happening to Christianity in our lifetime?  Are we facing the encroachment and the enslavement of the world system in our churches?  

Materialism replacing kingdom living?  Sensuality replacing spirituality?

These answers and many more are to be found only in the secret counsel of the most high: Psalm 25:14 (NIV): “The Lord confides in those who fear him; he makes his covenant known to them.”  It is a monumental challenge to move out from under the weight of an entrenched and compromised church, but maybe this step is only the beginning of our moving out and opposing the “ruler of this world”—Satan, (John 12:21)—in his claim to this generation.  

For we know that Our Father has a gentleman’s agreement with his enemy—everything that does not belong to Jesus goes to his enemy by default.  Will we commit ourselves to The Redeemer of mankind to be instruments of his redeeming grace?

— Brad Heilhecker

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