Encouragement For The Replanted

Then the nations that are left all around you shall know that I am the LORD; I have rebuilt the ruined places and replanted that which was desolate. I am the LORD; I have spoken, and I will do it. – Jeremiah 36:36

Have any of our readers ever experienced personal root shock? Trust me, you’d know if you had.

In a ministry leadership meeting I attended recently, we were asked to reflect upon our past year and how we feel we have grown, how our character had been refined, and how we feel we have changed.  

The only words that kept coming to my mind were the words “root shock.”

I am so familiar with root shock. My parents both had green thumbs, so we always had plants around our home growing up.  I remember this one plant that was in a larger pot on my parents’ back porch.  It had grown quite large and leafy-green, and it was even blossoming and dropping seeds yearly, but my Mom was convinced it was being stifled in that pot.  My Dad decided to replant it in another part of the yard, and he did everything one is supposed to do when replanting greenery.  The plant apparently had root shock the first few months it was transplanted, so my Dad had to prune it WAY BACK to almost nothing so that the roots could get everything they needed from the soil and recover more quickly.  

Within months, the plant had not only recovered, but it had grown so large that it was actually taller than the one-story house, and the blooms on it were the size of a small animal!  My Dad again had to keep it cut back to beneath the roof and keep it watered and well-looked after.

People can have root shock too.

The past 12 months – pandemic aside – has been “root shock” for me.  And I know for a fact it has felt the same for many others in the body of Christ.  Like my husband and I, many have moved countries or states.  Many have left old jobs for new, old friendships for what feels like isolation, and many have been removed from communities that they thought they would serve forever.  Almost like pieces on a chess board, it feels like the Lord has strategically been moving and placing people in new areas as He sets up His “check mate” on the enemy in the last days.  All will know that He is Lord, and how amazing that we get to play a part in that.

If you have indeed experienced a form of “root shock” and pruning over this last little time, I want to encourage you with this little prophetic picture of the plant from my parents’ yard so many years ago.  

Perhaps you were blossoming and thriving where you were, and now the pruning has been so painful you wonder when you will ever feel the blooms again.  Maybe you have been pruned so hard that you feel exposed, vulnerable, even lacking. Let me encourage you, through Jesus we only ever have REBUILDING, REPLANTING and RECOMPENSE!  He prunes us so that we can endure the amount of fruit that He has actually called us to carry in this next season.  He replants us for the sake of not only OUR BEST, but also to fulfill the destiny He has for us and for the world.  Even when we find ourselves desolate and barren, we can trust that there will be NEW LIFE spring forth, with more fruit than we had ever expected!

Don’t despise the replanting.  

The root shock doesn’t last for long.  When you stay well-watered and in the sunshine, your growth will explode!  Be encouraged!

— Mandy Woodhouse