Priceless You Are To Me

I want to walk worthy of the 

Call on my life

I want to be so hidden in You

That no one sees me, but only You

I want to be sold out to You

My dreams on the shelf

Till I am no more

And it’s all about You

I am just a vessel

Transformed by the Potter

I want to resemble Jesus 

through everything I do

May my life be a song of 

pursuing You

Every angle of Your heart

I want to explore

Dying daily, till I resemble You

My life just a vapour, but in You 

I am new

May the sound I release declare Your glory

Everywhere I tread I want to 

leave footprints of Your heart

Stripped of my selfishness

Stripped of my ways

Stripped of my old nature

Till I am transformed by You 

Jesus my undeserved reward

My holy treasure 

The lover of my heart

I cannot boast of silver and gold

Of success and prestige

I can only boast that I have You

You are my life

My everything

There’s no price tag that I can 

place on You

Priceless You are to me Jesus

Thank you for pursuing me

Loving and healing me.

— Ebigale Wilson

Priceless You Are To Me